Maritime Digital Transformation

It’s about People, not Software


Oriani - Our Vision

Oriani is establishing its position in the maritime market as the one-stop-shop for Maritime Digital Transformation. Oriani is providing High-Level Services to the Shipping Industry in the EMEA region, focusing on advanced Digital Software Solutions. 

Philip’s Nielsen – founder of Oriani - vision is to help shipping companies by using intuitive tech platforms with user-friendly dashboard solutions, AI, and Machine Learning, to modernize their operations concerning fleet, systems and procedures.


Our in-depth knowledge of the market, technology background and experience as well as our close relationships with the companies we represent, maximize the value for our clients as well as the end customer. 


Our aim is to marry Seamanship with Big Data in a user-friendly environment so that Shipping Companies can gain competitive advantages.



Maritime Passion

Shipping is one of the oldest and most traditional markets but still the most essential for the economy to keep rolling, as 90% of everything is transported by the sea! 

That, in addition to the miracle of the Greek Shipping Community that knows how to navigate best even during the most harsh times, can’t leave anyone untouched. All employees of Oriani come with a shipping background and significant sales and client handling experience. 


Digital Knowledge

Our background and proven track record in the digital industry makes Oriani the best channel for Software Companies to address the Greek & EMEA Shipping community.

For us, it is exciting seeing a strong and very traditional industry entering the digital area. It is our challenge to show them the benefits of many existing digital tools making their everyday processes more efficient, more cost-effective and also being much more meaningful and enjoyable.


Local Presence

Greece is the world’s largest ship-owning nation holding a market share of 18%. 600 Shipping companies operating in the metropolitan area, make local presence a necessity. 

Oriani is situated at a very strategic location, close to all the different Greek shipping hubs/areas and close to the Athens international airport. Our clients have found that we are, from a cost and a result perspective, the optimal route to the Greece market


“In 2017 ShipServ engaged in a collaboration with the Oriani Team on representing and expanding the ShipServ representation in the Greek market. This has shown to be a highly successful match.  Oriani has in-depth knowledge, contacts in the local market and has been instrumental in growing our Maritime Business in Greece, whilst building our brand name and giving good ideas for new product features. Oriani is sales-driven but also customer-oriented and extremely proactive. Should you be interested in targeting the biggest shipping hub on earth, then make sure you call Oriani”

“Oriani are well connected in the maritime sector and their persistent efforts have added great value to HiLo in bringing new subscribers to the HiLo community.
As well as expanding our reach within Greece, Oriani commitment to digitalisation in maritime and the use of data to improve safety, mirrors our own vision perfectly.”


Carsten Schmidt

Executive Vice President | ShipServ Denmark


Capt. Andy Cross
COO | HiLo Maritime Risk Management
United Kingdom