About Oriani

One-stop-shop for Maritime Digital Transformation


We are much more than Sales Agents. We are a “part of the company” we represent and we act as its a local office. We provide market feedback, share the concerns prospects have, identify possible new features and ideas for product development, and in parallel endure the famous long Greek Sales cycles. We “sell” the project even after signing contracts, i.e., drive the onboarding process. As a Team, we believe that Digital Services are not the same as selling marine equipment, as they require significant Account Management as well as Client Service skill sets.


We are already working with key decision-makers of shipping companies such as Top Management C-level Executives, as well as Purchasing Directors, Technical Directors, Operation Managers, Fleet Managers, Safety/DPA Managers, Crew Managers, and many others, with whom we have built strong long-term relationships over the years. 


Our Representations have found that we are, from a cost and a result perspective, the optimal route to the market, in comparison with setting up their own local office or having a Sales Rep covering Greece or the EMEA region.

Who we are 
Our Infrastructure

Oriani has its own premises with state-of-the-art offices and modern office equipment. We are situated at a very strategic location, close to all the different Greek shipping hubs/areas and close to the Athens International Airport. We have a clear sales focus, a solid infrastructure, and strict procedures that make us precise and productive. We work with SalesForce CRM, in which all activities are being recorded. Thus, the weekly reporting we provide to our Representations maximizes the efficiency of the cooperation. Our objective is not just to meet our costumers’ needs but to exceed their expectations.

Our Team

Our team comes with a shipping background and significant sales and client handling experience.

Operations Staff

Manolis Koukouvios

Maritime Business Development Director

Manolis is an all-around marine professional with more than 10 years at sea on different types of vessels as a navigation officer. He holds a postgraduate degree in Shipping from Plymouth University. He joined Oriani as Maritime Business Development Director, providing insights and utilizing his sea experience combined with his passion for new technologies. In his free time, he is a computer science nerd spending time on various projects and guiding his young daughter in taking her first steps in the tech world.

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George Karistinos

Account Manager

George holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management and Technology with a Master’s in Shipping Management from the University of Piraeus. George has joint Oriani as Account Manager and is part of the younger generation that is driving shipping towards the digital transformation with passion for maritime and excellent networking skills. As a Krav Maga trainer, in his spare time, he is mainly engaged in gymnastics.

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Agathi Natsi

Office Manager

Agathi has 20+ years of experience in Business Development (both B2B and B2C) in the digital sector across a variety of industries, with P&L responsibility. Proven track record in Project Management in numerous crucial and highly demanding projects under strict deadlines. 

Practising martial arts and offering volunteering services help remain focused, perform under stress and appreciate life.

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Stelios Koukouvios

Account Manager

A resourceful and diligent Marine Chief Officer with 7 years of seagoing and vessels operations experience gained onboard oil tankers and LNG carriers, combined with a P&I club Loss prevention background and a keen interest in continuous development through studies and personal research on computer science. If he is not lost at sea sailing, he will be hiking on a mountain near by Athens. 

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Paul Alexander MacGillivray

Sales Development Representative

Paul was raised in his mother’s native Greece and even though he was born in his father’s native Canada, he has learned to embrace both cultures. This has led him to become fascinated with different and contrasting cultures, hence his Minor in Anthropology. Yet his true passion lies in storytelling, and thus he has found himself a student of cinema. He believes in communication, the exchange of information and the arts that revolve around it. It is as much a trade as it is an art form, to convey an idea. His people skills are put into use in Oriani, including confidence and resourcefulness He enjoys challenges, and he takes pleasure in achieving difficult goals for the sake of doing so. Paul is involved in physical training, martial arts, and the outdoors.

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Ioanna Papoutsoglou

New Business Manager

Ioanna is Oriani’s New Business Manager who will be working closely with shipping clients to develop their requirements for digital maritime solutions. She has in-depth maritime experience after 20 years within a shipping and corporate register. Ioanna holds a BA (Hons) and an MA from Kings College London. In her spare time she is studying for an MSc in International Negotiations at Athens Economic and Business University. Ioanna is excited to become part of the maritime digital transformation.

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Simon Mizitrano

SDR Specialist

Simon was born in Fribourg Switzerland and came and settled in Athens when in boyhood. His 20+ years course in the world of labor often led him to branch off to different paths & orientations.

Combining academic knowledge ( he holds a Bachelor Degree in Maritime - Transports & Logistics studies) to those enriched experiences, Simon tops what he considers to be his cardinal values: dedication, consistency, perseverance & honesty. 

Coming from a multicultural family background, Simon speaks 4 languages of which French being his maternal language.

He dedicates most of his free time to his 2 cherished daughters, but likes to enjoy good food & drinks with friends around animated discussions and debates. He loves to follow Ice Hockey.  

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Charlie Lubat

Sales Development Representative

Charlie is a multicultural individual, born in Jerusalem and has a Greek nationality. Throughout the past 5 years he lived in 5 different countries making him eager to learn about new cultures and human behavior. He speaks 5 languages and he holds a BSc degree in Energy Oil & Gas Management from the University of Nicosia/Cyprus. Moreover, currently concluding a MSc degree in International Shipping & Finance Management. His educational knowledge and his sales background as a recruitment agent for universities in Cyprus, make him an excellent fit for the Oriani team. Charlie is very motivated in overtaking new challenges and overcoming difficulties. In his free time, he likes to follow up with sports i.e. basketball, reading & hanging out with family & friends

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Eftychia Manola

Sales Executive

Eftychia graduated from the University of Piraeus with a BSc in Maritime Economics. Her professional background spans across a variety of sectors, linking Economics, Hospitality and Education. She has working experience in Greece, Spain and U.K. She joined Oriani as a sales executive, bringing new ideas and knowledge acquired from her education and experiences. She is a travel enthusiast, enjoys learning new languages and mingling with people from all over the world.

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Ioanna Markou

Strategic Communications Architect

Ioanna has more than 20 years experience in the field of Communications Management, working in the private sector for major Greek and multinational companies. 

She has implemented more than 50 European projects, leading numerous national communication campaigns, both online and offline, promoting Social Research and Innovative Education.

She is currently working as a Senior Communications Consultant for private companies and NGOs. 

At the same time, she is engaged at her new initiative, the Association of Women over 40 – The A40s, combating gendered ageism in Europe.

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Advisory Board
Philip (1).jpg

Philip Uhrskov Nielsen


Serial entrepreneur with significant business experience in EMEA and Asia. Has over 25 years experience in Digital Solutions and Digital transformation and 10 years experience in the Maritime industry.


When not working he does trail running and alpine skiing

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Andreas Prodromidis

IT Advisor

Co-Founder / CEO of Programize, a co that has delivered +200 software projects & products for Startups, Enterprises & Universities worldwide. His 25+ years experience also exhibits numerous multi-million, high-complexity Corporate IT initiatives, several patents, and technical papers in Machine Learning & Data Science. Andreas was the Group IT Strategy Manager of Eurobank Greece for 12 years, a Founding member & Director of R&D of iPrivacy Inc. in New York, and a Scientist in Activium Inc., and at the T.J. Watson Research Center of ΙΒΜ in NY. Andreas has a PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University in NY and a diploma from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of the NTUA.

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Dimitris Servis

Maritime Advisor

He is an engineer at heart with a flair for business, enjoys turning green field ideas to products. Involved in both business and industry, he has several years of experience in shipping, shipbuilding, automotive and software development, either employed or through his own ventures and projects. Dimitris started his career as a researcher in the maritime sector, then providing software and services to the shipping industry. Currently he lives and works in Switzerland. He holds a PhD in engineering, MBA in strategy and finance of tech scaleups .

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Alexis Caniaris

Business Advisor

Alexis studied Economics, Management & Business Admin in Paris with postgraduate studies in Business from Stirling University. In 1993, he launched EuroPartners, organising international conferences, exhibitions and B2B match-making events. Alexis has significant experience in PM with private, national, international & European Union funding in cultural, tourism and regional development sectors. In 2006 he was awarded the highest academic distinction in France becoming "Chevalier des Palmes”

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Evangelos D. Koutromanos, LL.M. 

Evangelos lives between Athens and Berlin.

Actively supports his clients in ensuring their interests and asserting their rights by providing high-level legal services in Greek, German and English.
Advises on cross-border legal matters and business strategy.

Evangelos got his Bachelor of Laws in National Kapodistrian University of Athens and Master of Laws from Humboldt University of Berlin

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Attorney at law / Counsel


Oriani provides its employees with a safe and comfortable working environment. Oriani believes and has created an ethical working environment that encourages the cultivation of equality and embracing everyone’s differences and the benefits of diversity. All our employees abide under the same fair principles and we all have signed a working Code-of -Conduct that stress:


  1. Our mission is to provide value to our customers in a responsibly and financial sound manner

  2. We believe in hard work and putting the requirements and needs of our clients at the top of our priorities

  3. We follow and adopt all the necessary Covid-19 restrictions that are advised by the local public health authorities

  4. We do not share any intellectual property and confidential proprietary material provided by the company and/or its clients

  5. We provide our employment services in a professional and timely manner

  6. We believe in a healthy balance of work life and personal life

  7. We comply with all the appropriate business ang governmental regulations and legislations that apply

  8. We do not tolerate any whatsoever bribing and follow international anti-corruption policies

  9. We respect our colleagues and competitors and do not endorse any badmouthing practices

  10. We recycle and aim to do our work with the least impact on the environment in a sustainable manner