Study for Greek Maritime Professionals working from home due to Covid-19

In these unprecedented and challenging times, this study aims to show how Maritime Professionals are coping with a new reality. Could this new situation of obligatory home working have some positive perspectives? Could Covid-19 be the catalyst to drive digital transformation in the Shipping industry? Covid-19 brings new working habits to Greek Maritime Professionals. It becomes evident that the respondents, predominately middle-aged males from middle-sized Greek Shipping companies, have been profoundly affected, challenged, and changed by this –obligatory- working from home situation. A new breed of home-based employees develops, as the employment scene seems to change considerably.

This study reveals that 52% of the respondents have never worked from home before the Covid-19 situation. While the research does not investigate how respondents will react in the future to home working, some observations are clear and one can conclude that business continuity among Shipping companies is very feasible from home locations. This can be expected, as the Shipping business is by nature dealing with a remote asset (vessels), so the employees, this study examined, can be considered as the “forerunners” of home working, and thus their recommendations to employers & employees have significant importance.

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