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We are currently representing a few innovative companies and, in fact, we are being their “Greek arm”, i.e. their official local office. These Representations include:


Windward (Israel): The leading Predictive Intelligence company fusing AI and big data to empower the global maritime industry through its 360° risk management solution.


Windward is shaping the future of maritime intelligence with its vision of powering the maritime ecosystem with artificial intelligence technologies. Windward is pushing the boundaries of data and technology to solve the toughest maritime challenges and redefining how organizations and businesses make decisions, by combining unparalleled maritime domain expertise with dynamic, best-in-class technology that empowers its partners to predict what’s over the horizon and build future-proof organizations. For more information visit: https://windward.ai

ClearLynx (United States):The complete online bunker fuel management system for the marine fuel industry.


ClearLynx was founded in 2014 by a team that has consistently pioneered software for the bunker industry for decades. The company's current suite of products spans bunker procurement, pricing and analytics, business intelligence, optimization and planning, 2020 compliance and data feeds. As an independent neutral transactional platform, ClearLynx is charting a new course in fuel management systems, bringing efficiencies to improved operational processes, enhanced visibility to support real-time business-critical decision making and cost reductions through increased productivity. For more information visit: https://www.clearlynx.com/

ShipServ (Denmark):
A solution provider for procurement efficiency and purchasing transparency


ShipServ is THE global e-commerce platform for the maritime and offshore industries, connecting BUYERS in the marine industry (ship-owners, managers, yards, and oil rigs) with +73.000 SUPPLIERS of spares, stores, and anything else that is used on a ship, in 101 countries around the world. ShipServ was founded by Danes 21 years ago and is now an international organization with +150 employees working from offices in London, Copenhagen, New Jersey, Florida, Athens, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In 2020 ShipServ handled nearly 10 million transactions from +260 shipping companies managing 10,000 vessels and rigs a total value of more than $ 4 Billion. For more information visit: https://www.shipserv.com

HiLo (United Kingdom):
HiLo Maritime Risk Management a solution revolutionising maritime safety using predictive risk modelling


HiLo ("High Impact, Low Frequency") uses big data analysis, classification and cutting edge shipping prediction risk models to show shipping companies where their risks really lie, giving them the best chance of preventing high impact, low frequency incidents. HiLo is an independent, not for profit company headquartered in London. Since its launch HiLo has grown to have more than 50 recognized shipping companies subscribing, who operate nearly 5.000 vessels: tankers, bulk carriers containerships and USVs. For more information
visit: www.hilomrm.com

SparesCNX (Singapore)
An inventory management solution that will bring order to the inventory chaos.



SparesCNX’s solutions provide IoT inventory management, powered by

hardware, software, RFID technology, and human interaction that creates transparency,

connectivity and optimization throughout the spare parts supply chain.

For more information visit: https://www.sparescnx.com/

Orca AI

Orca ΑΙ (Israel):
Provides intelligent navigation solutions for collision prevention through AI and a safety platform, which offers navigational transparency


Orca AI advances the maritime industry by providing intelligent navigation solutions, preventing collisions, and saving lives. Orca AI ensures safety in congested waterways, our technology helps Captains and the Officers aboard vessels get a complete and accurate view of the environment in real-time, and make the most appropriate life-altering decisions. Furthermore, Orca AI provides a safe platform for the office to help shipping companies understand better how their vessels are navigated. For more information
visit: www.orca-ai.io

Medassist.online (Netherlands):
We believe that Anyone- Anywhere deserves the best medical care possible.Even when no doctor is around.


Medassist.online will support you and your crew with the right solutions, when it matters  most. Our solutions are designed for use at sea and will work with low or no bandwidth, enabling medical care anywhere. Delivering medical support, better medical care and reduce costs for ship owners by using our solutions. They are simple, reliable and affordable. Our Live App uses two-way augmented reality to enable medical experts to instruct masters and senior officers remotely to provide Live support for patient examination and medical procedures.The Skills application provides real-time step-by-step instructions on how to perform basic medical procedures. STCW 2010 – Medical Care compliant. The  Heart application will produce a 12-lead hospital quality ECG on a tablet (iPad). You can send the ECG as a PDF to professionals with just one click. Having this information available enables better decision-making on deviation, evacuation or treatment on board. Our services are offered as software and hardware as service (subscription model).

For more information
visit: https://medassist.online

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Kanda (Denmark):

We want to make education and training engaging, easily accessible and fun.

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Kanda is an innovative technology company that uses Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality to make training in maritime more effective, and cost and time efficient. Partnering with EPS, they have developed an interactive, multi-user VR experience for training seafarers in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering. Kanda was selected from Techstars in 2020 as one of the nine startup companies that will address key challenges faced in the modern maritime industry.

For more information

visit: https://kanda.dk/

ScanReach (Norway): Provides unique sensor technology enabling wireless data transfer in steel.


ScanReach is a maritime IoT company based in Bergen, Norway. Has developed the world’s first wireless IoT platform for complex and confined steel environments, enabling wireless connectivity for all types of onboard IoT applications. With their wireless IoT sensor technology tailored for steel environments, it is now possible to connect wirelessly to people, equipment, assets, and cargo inside vessels, rigs, and wind turbines. A major barrier to innovation has been removed.

For more information visit:https://www.scanreach.com/



DRYNET’s M2SEA services combine the leading maritime LTE Internet Access System with economical, global, high speed roaming airtime.


DRYNET helps you find the most suitable IT and Communication solution for your business.
Whether you are looking for VSAT, mobile 4G LTE communications, wireless networks, you will
benefit from our many years of experience, a successful track record, and market intelligence.
For more information visit: https://drynet.de

MARITIME TRAINER (Turkey): Enables organizations to re-think learning with solutions for delivering an engaging experience that will help tap into the full potential of their most critical resource: PEOPLE.

Maritime Trainer
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Maritime Trainer was established in 2011 to provide innovative solutions to human resources assessment, training and development needs of the maritime industry with a comprehensive online infrastructure. Our strategy is tailoring our approach to the specific needs of our clients, being in the front and assisting them to meet evolving industry requirements
For more information visit:https://www.maritimetrainer.com/

Herberg Systems

Herberg Systems (Germany):

A software expert with more than 20 years of experience in developing software for the maritime world.


Herberg Systems' Charter. Works Service is the powerful chartering management software for charterers. Charter. Works support you from the load calculation to the freight settlement to the complete processing and post-calculation of the voyages. For more information visit: https://www.charter.works/